Letter from us

From time to time I am asked about the origin of the Ateco brand name (pronounced Ateeko). My great grandfather and company founder, August Thomsen, extracted the letter A from August, the T from Thomsen and the CO from Company with an E added for sound and style.

Our Ateco brand of cake decorating and baking tools are constantly being evaluated and reviewed for ways we can improve our products. Decorating tubes are now only available in stainless steel, making them stronger, more precise and more hygienic. Clear disposable bags are now more pliable and easier to grip. Sculpturing tools now have reinforced steel wire to make them more rigid. Our goal is to offer the finest tools available to the professional cake decorator.

New Items such as fondant and fondant tools are constantly being added to accommodate the ever changing needs of the consumer. More of our items come in trilingual packaging, providing added appeal, ease of merchandising, and explanation of the product and its uses, and in some cases a reusable storage container to add value.

Ateco items are produced in our modest factory in Glen Cove, New York as well as similar factories in seven countries around the world. All items are clearly marked with the country of origin. I commend our employees and the factories we work with, for sharing my passion for the brand, and its reputation for quality, that spans over 100 years and four generations.

Most of all I am grateful to you our customer for your appreciation and loyalty to the Ateco brand.


Douglas Schneider

Copyright August Thomsen Corp.  2017